maandag 16 januari 2012

Getting closer...

Well, had a few nervous moments yesterday attacking my lovingly crafted conversions with a big brutish Dremel.
(The Devastator actually had a wing fall of during my "tender ministrations"...)
But the basing plugs are now in place! 
Here are the results:
Yup, found time to add the under-wing ordnance as well.
The Brigand is carrying HE rockets on the outer wing pylons, AP rockets on the inner wing pylons and a 100Lb bomb on the centreline mount.
The Devastator is loaded with a pair of Flash or Sonics on the outer pylons (because of their small size,they can be mounted two to a pylon), and AP on the middle and inner pylons.

I just need to do the payload of the second Brigand. She'll have a similar load as the first, but with a 3rd AP missile instead of the light bomb that the other one has on the centreline hardpoint.

Yes, I know that according to the rules the planes only have hardpoints on the wings....

I've decided to base the number of hardpoints for a plane on the information in Behind the Crimson Veil (p. 53 and 60).  This will lead to planes having odd numbers of hardpoints. It would seem only logical that one hardpoint is on the centreline in that case.

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