donderdag 19 januari 2012

Started painting the AA truck

A quick update on where I got tonight:
And a better view of the two-tone livery:
What I've done so far:
-Painted, shaded and highlighted both green tones of the bodywork and wheels.
-Painted and shaded the grey of the chassis and AA gun (I'm still debating wether to highlight the turret or leave it as is.
-Repainted the fenders in good old-fashioned black.
-Painted the front tyres, roadwheel rubber rims and gunbarrels
-Basecoated and shaded  the leather seats on both truck and turret.

What I still need to do:
-Paint the dashboard.
-Do all the metals on the gun and truck.
-Paint the headlights, license plates and such details.
-Paint the crew.
-Paint and finish the base.
-Decide if, and where, I'd want a company logo. Not enough room on the side of the car, sadly.... Maybe put something on the turret shield? I'd need a name and design though. Currently I'm thinking about calling the company Bigg's Anti Aircraft Service, turning the logo/name into "Bigg A.A.S." :-P

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