zondag 7 augustus 2016

I've got a sinking feeling....

More making waves, today on a sunk ship marker and the first pair of Nautilus-submerged marker pairings:

And the other side, showing the escaping ships boat:
Hopefully this will be carrying some VIP to safety...

And the Nautilus, surfaced and submerged:
I'm only doing a few of these per day, as staring at the white putty on white plasticard trying to discern the exact shape of the waves I'm making is putting a bit of strain on the eyes. Especially in the bright weather we're having lately. (Bitching about the weather is a Dutch national pastime... It's either too bright, too cloudy, too wet, too dry, too warm, too cold, too windy, not breezy enough or annoyingly indeterminate weather. The only advantage to Dutch weather: Don't like the weather, wait for an hour and it will be different.)
Once I do the basing on one of the Ironclads and the Dreadnought, I'll have a game-legal 750 point fleet ready for primer. With a second Ironclad and the remaining three Nautilii I can bring it up to the standard fleet size of 1000 points. I still have the Debris markers to make, but these are essentially just floating bits on a textured base, I don't expect any major issues on them.

The wrecked ship marker and the superstructure on the submerged Nautilus are made through the magical interaction between model, Oyumaru thermoform moulding plastic and greenstuff. So far I'm really liking the stuff.

See you next time!

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