dinsdag 30 augustus 2016

the Shire Defense Force mobilises!

Today, my first package of the Westfalia Miniatures Halfmen Kickstarter arrived, and they are glorious:

Tomorrow a second package should follow, containing the last few miniatures, and then I should have everything in my hands.
I had a quick look at them, and once again Westfalia Miniatures really impresses. (They already went well above and beyond coordinating with me to make sure my miniatures wouldn't arrive when I was away from home.)

Their choice in resin is excellent, it's light and takes detail very well, transferring every detail of the absolutely marvellous sculpts, while being ever so slightly flexible, which is great boon to actual wargaming use for this miniatures.
The casting is virtually flawless, with barely any mouldlines and little excess resin to deal with. (The only flaw I could find after checking every single miniature, was a slight misalignment of the mould on the visor of one my Goat Knights. Nothing a stroke with a file and maybe a dot of putty won't fix. Which for working with resin, and the sheer amount of miniatures I got, is so minor an issue it doesn't even properly count.) There are the usual slight bent spears and such that are part and parcel of resin minis, but even those are few and far between. And knowing Westfalia, all their shipments are to this standard of quality. They're just gobsmackingly amazingly good and very, very dedicated.

The sculpting is just exquisite and very, very clean. These will be an absolute joy to paint up.
I'd better start clearing my hobby table... :)

Hopefully they'll make their way to the Westfalia Miniatures online store, as I can certainly see myself expanding the collection.

So, what are my plans for these? Well, they'll get fed into the greater Dungeoneering/Chivalry/Fantasy monster project. I think they'll get divvied up into groups of a single Knight and his/her retinue, similarly to what I did with my Bretonnians. And mayble I'll cherrypick a few of them to accompany a Halfling Wizard to raid the kitchens and pantries of Frostgrave for frozen treats...

See you next time!

Edit: I feel these might come in handy at the painting stage... ;)
Food in Heraldry
The Wiki on food in heraldry

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like you got quite a lot of them.
    Happy painting 😊!

    1. Yup... I sort of spent my christmas money on them. :D Totally worth it.

  2. Glad to see them arriving! I sent the second parcel a day after - I hope it'll be with you tomorrow. :--)

    1. I'm glad as well! :D I'll be camping by the postbox tomorrow... (while cleaning these for primer, most likely.)

  3. Gah - quite envious. The kickstarter landed at a time I had no luxury fund for a month. Shall live vicariously through your efforts painting them up! ;)

    1. A shame you missed out, hopefully they'll be up in the shop soon.
      I was lucky that the Kickstarter hit just when I had a, for me, unusually large amount of luxury funds, which I then immediately sunk in that Kickstarter...
      Sadly, that wasn't the case when their warrior women kickstart hit, so I had to miss out on that one. :( Hopefully the timing (and funding) will be right for me on their next Halfling Kickstarter.