woensdag 6 april 2016

"You might as well try to catch starlight as bring the Eldar to battle" -Naval saying

And here is the entire fleet:
It consists of these vessels:
-1 Void Stalker Battleship
-1 Shadow Class Cruiser
-2 Eclipse Class Cruisers
-4 Hellebore Frigates
-6 Aconite Frigates
-6 Nightshade Destroyers
-7 Hemlock Destroyers
Totalling it all up gets me 2300 points of Interstellar Eldar Fury.
Add in a Pirate Prince and a generous helping of re-rolls and I'm commanding a clean 2500 point fleet.

Oh, and an old Space Fleet Eldar Cruiser, which I could use as a really ancient Solaris Class Light Cruiser.
With the miniatures no longer in production, and Ebay prices being the madness that they are, this fleet is now officially declared finished.
Should I ever win the lottery, or BFG get back into production (without prices being jacked up insanely) I'd like to add the official models for the Aurora and Solaris light cruisers and a gaggle of Eldar transports, but currently that's just a pleasant dream...

I really had fun painting the last couple of Eldar ships, and while I'm glad to complete a project, it's also kinda sad to realise that I won't get to paint any more of these lovely little vessels. :(
With this fleet done, in theory I could host a complete game of BFG without the other player needing to bring anything, as I have all the rules, dice and rulers, a set of terrain and two full fleets. (Three, in a way, seeing that my Imperial fleet is twice as large as my Eldar one...)
Nevertheless I think it may be prudent to paint up my (small) Chaos or Ork fleet as well, as Eldar are a notoriously harsh fleet to play against, or with, when still getting used to the rules. Best not alienate new people right away.

I'll be spending the remaining daylight taking individual shots of capital ships and escort squadrons for my (long suffering) wish/plan to make custom individual datacards for each ship in my possession. I really need to settle on a design and layout for them and then wrap my head around a graphics program long enough to actually execute this idea.

Oh, just had an idea, would it be odd that I'm thinking of converting miniatures to represent the respective Admirals of my fleets?

See you next time!

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  1. I can't like these enough, your fleet looks fabulous, as does your terrain.
    I wished I invested more in BFG when I did have the chance. But on the other hand, if there is one fleet where scratchbuild models are no problem it is the orks (I remember having at least one scratchbuild kruzer somewhere laying around.
    Perhaps I should repaint my few ships now Armada is coming out.
    Yours are at the very least an amazing source of inspiration.
    Very nice terrain too btw.

    1. Thank you!
      I wish I'd invested more too, or at least more diversely. I have a lot of Imperial ships, not all of them painted and only really tiny stashes of Chaos and Orks. I'd rather have some more of them (so I can make full fleets of them, instead of just raiders) than what is effectively a second, unpainted, Imperial fleet. (Ach, who am I kidding, I'd rather have the second Imperial fleet AND the Chaos and Orks!)
      Orks do reward scratchbuilding immensely, once I get to my Ork fleet, I think I'll expand them that way as well. Funny you should mention Armada, as pre-ordering it and playing the beta is what started my current BFG-drive.
      Thank you, glad I could inspire.

    2. Well, Armada made me check out BFG again as well. I even read the additional rules with the same name. I knew they existed but the initial BFG-impulse was very shortlived in my group and I never expanded beyond the basic book.
      Even with the computer game out, I don't think anyone else beyond me is ready to get his fleet out.

      I have the basic box, but sold the miniatures to be able to buy orks (even though I was a 40k chaos player) so I never got more than one faction. Budget was thight these days as I still did go to school and collected almost everything from GW (excluding Necromunda and Warmaster).

    3. Truth be told, the guys I played BFG with back in the days have all stopped gaming. Luckily I got Gunbird interested in playing (again).
      Bar a few of the magazines and an US-only supplement, I think I have everything published for BFG.

      Heh, I could splurge on BFG (and GW as a whole) as around that time, I was with steady income, but yet still without kid (talk about an expensive hobby! ;P ).

    4. Haha, I had the same thing with Warmachine when I started with a job. We had just left 40k behind when a new edition (4th) once again nullified our existing army lists. Something which had happened already before by the change from 2nd to 3th edition. And GW dropped supporting what was to become Specialist Games.

      If you ever like a BFG battle with me, let me know.
      I'm not that far over the border in Belgium.
      Gunbird even came by once to pick up a lot of stuff I had laying around and not using anymore.

      A friend if mine had some Eldar ships once and I don't think he got rid of them yet.
      If you want to I can check if he wants to part with them. At the very least saving you some postage.

    5. Ugh, 40K edition changes... I still love the setting and imagery, but the game itself has become so far removed from what originally drew me to it.

      Oh, I wouldn't mind a game at all, thanks! I just need to get reacquanted with the rules and rig up a big enough table.

      Hmmm, thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass for now. The fleet is big enough for me and I kind of like the idea of having a force completed for once. (I tend to build most of my armies open ended, which means I block myself from calling them "finished". Plus I paint really slow.)

    6. Yeah, I got the same feeling regarding 40k. We even played the Dark Millennium RPG for a while because we like the background.

      I have to read the rules again as well, it's been many years (close to 10 I believe) since I last played the game.
      But first, let's see if I can still find my orks somwhere under the layer of dust and other miniatures.
      Perhaps even finish the paintjob on some.
      If necessary I have a 3 by 3 foot crimson cloud gaming mat I once bought for X-wing, a small planetary, some meteorites, moons and gas clouds.
      I suggest we do the planning by mail, my account is: Kryptovidicus@gmail.com

  2. My word that's an impressive looking fleet.

    1. Thank you Michael! But you haven't seen my Imperial one yet... ;)

  3. Brilliant. Now stop making me feel inadequate.:)

    1. Heh, all I've done is being sat on my arse and drybrushing a few little metal boaties... You've been moving mountains while still recovering from getting hit by a car!!! That's not inadequate, it's bloody epic.