dinsdag 5 april 2016

Dealing with a Stalker...

A Void Stalker that is! :)
Basecoated her yesterday, and did the first wash, and continued on her this afternoon.
Painting went surprisingly quick today, despite the large size of the ship:

Finally having glued all the various parts together, I'm surprised by just how big (and heavy!) it is.
With this last and imposing vessel, all the Eldar ships I own have now been painted. I can finally say:

When I have time, I'll set up some terrain and make some pics of the fleet as a whole. But for now, just look at this happy face:
She's all smiles, isn't she?

See you next time!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy face.....I never liked batteling Eldar, I always felt like my ships were figthing with an arm tied behind my back.... Nonetheless, lovely paintjob, and so fast too, damn, you are on fire!

    1. Tell me about it! BvD his Eldar were an unholy terror back in the day... Eldar ships are supposed to be vulnerable to asteroid fields due to not having shields, requiring an Ld check to avoid harm, but he constantly plowed through them with impunity. Made his fleet even harder to catch.
      Thanks! To be honest it caught me off guard just how quickly she was done. But I guess that's the advantage of drybrushing, even on such a big ship.Once the basecoat and shading washes were done I just flew through the paintjob.

      Now to see what's next. I'm actually enjoying working on BFG again. I could go crazy and paint my extra transports so I can do a Convoy run at a full fleet sized? }:D

    2. You would be a fool not to paint up extra transports!

      That space Fish looks great by the way!

    3. Good point, after all I've only got 6 regular transports and two converted heavy transports (enough for a 500 point game).
      Luckily I still have 2 heavy Transports (old Spacefleet) and 18 regular transports in storage... :D (Though parts of the latter will become armed transports, Q-ships and/or Escort Carriers.)

      Thank you, I'm quite happy how she turned out.

  2. Lovely lovely work, considering the prices of these and other ships on eBay, you had best take out DIamond level insurance :D

    1. Thanks, Seb! That's a good idea, but with the way insurance works here, I'll need to find an insurance company/agent capable of doing an accurate appraisal of a miniatures collection... Haven't found one yet.

  3. They're priceless, all priceless.. my preciousesses... (Gollum voice)

    Having a collection and particularly a valuable one listed as only 'Recreational Goods' just doesnt cut it for me. Hahah. Very true, no insurance on such items specifically.

    1. Oh, I definitely have the Gollom thing going as well. :D
      Just looking at my miniatures cabinet (and not even at the stockpile and semi-finished stuff), I wouldn't be able to replace a fraction of it at today's prices (if it is even still in production at all). There's a thread on the Lead Adventure Forum about what you'd do if you lost it all. I've refrained from posting on it as the very thought just freaks me out...