zaterdag 16 april 2016

Mercenary Terraformer

For the past couple of weeks, behind the scenes I've been working on some terrain. A while back a friend mentioned he could use some more scenery, but lacked the skills and materials. Now I had the skills and materials, but could use some more hobby budget. We soon came to a mutually beneficial understanding. ;-)

He was looking for some rock formations. After some exchange of ideas we settled on a group of rocky hills and a stone circle. As I delivered the finished product today, I can now share the pics with the world. (When I make something for someone else it's my rule that the new owner gets to see it first.)

So, here is a pic-dump of the construction process for you to enjoy:

 The bare hills, just XPS foam sheets and foamed PVC sheet bases.

Foamhenge... With a Space Marine for scale.

Filler, sand and grit "Gloop" has been put on. The foam and bark chips have gotten their PVA&paint sealer.

Let there be paint!

And the final product: Flocked and ready for delivery:

(To be totally honest, with their rougher texture on the "soil" and all the little steps in the tallest rockpile, I think I like these just a little better than the ones I made for myself...)

And as a bonus; work has resumed on the display backdrop for my missus' Warhammer Quest collection:
The original plan was to paint a dark, gloomy forest behind these two trees, but my wife liked the sky and wouldn't let me cover it up. :)
Almost there...  Painting is done, just a few bits and bobs to glue into place and it will be finished!
Ofcourse I will show it off once it's done (after the misses sees it first, naturally)!

All this building has gotten me in the mood for terrain. I think I may be building some Necromunda stuff next. My Escher will need a place to live when they're finished, after all.

See you next time!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. It's been 7 years since I quit working at Perry Sport and the boards I picked up there continue to serve you well. Maybe I need to commission some rocks from you too :)

    1. Yup, they're the gift that keeps on giving. :D
      Go right ahead, I'm sure we can work something out.

  2. These look fabulous, I like the old Celtic look on them.

    1. Thanks! The only regrets I have about these is not getting to keep them (I think the hills actually look better than the ones I made for myself a few years back), and not thinking to make a stone circle for myself as well at the same time. But, I can always build more... :)

  3. Love them, your friend will be very pleased, I know I would be. Excellent work :-)

  4. Foamhenge is a triumph, what a fabulous build.

  5. Thanks, guys! He is indeed very pleased. :)