zaterdag 9 januari 2016

Flooring it!

I had the house to myself today, so I decided to make a mess... :D

After a gentle nudge from Harry over on Warseer, I had to agree it was high time to continue work on the display backdrop for my wifes Warhammer Quest set. If I am to finish painting it, I'll need both a boost to motivation and room to put the finished minis, as the allotted shelf is slowly filling up. Warhammer Quest is a big set!

I still needed to do part of the flooring on the dungeon corridors. (In fact, the entire centre level of the display needed its flooring done!) So, that's what I did today:
More photos and words after the break.

Here are some close ups:
The floor in this section was done with coarse acrylic modelling paste. I simply plastered it on, and then textured and flattened it by stippling it with a round household paintbrush.
In this picture you can also see the centre room on the middle floor, which has had a floor added in cereal card. Not the most advanced or fancy technique, but it served my purpose here. The large circle in the centre will either be a fancy stone (marble, maybe?) or a brass disc with worn etchings painted on.

Here is the rightmost corridor:
Again, a view of the central room. And, more importantly, the rightmost corridor. It has been given a rough wooden flooring with balsa. I twisted and broke the boards in front of the leftmost door, so I could later add the debris from the collapsed tunnel there. The debris is made over a carved foam plug, that has been covered in the same acrylic paste I used for the leftmost corridor, but with leftover foam bricks and basing sand+gravel mixed into it.
The right door will remain as is, and either painted as a gaping black hole, or, if I can manage it, a trompe l'oeil staircase heading to the hidden door in the cave.

Additionally, but not pictured, I added the first layer of sand to the outdoor scene in the upper left corner and I painted the foam brickwork with a pva-black paint mixture that had sand and fine gravel added in, to give the wall a sealing layer and extra texture.

The next stage of the project is detailing. I'll have to add doors to the two openings in the left wall, add a hatch to the hole in the floor (lower right corner). Plus some dirt and rocks/detritus on the floors, maybe some wall sconces here and there. (I'm thinking candles for the niches in the lower right section. None will be lit, unless I work up the nerve to do my first ever OSL...)

Once that is all done, I can primer/seal the lot with my mixture of PVA and black paint and it's on to painting! Exciting times ahead...

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  1. As I am sure I have said before, this is an epic design and look forward to seeing more of it :-)

  2. Thanks guys! I'm hoping to do a bit more on it tomorrow, which should take me a fair bit of the way regarding detailing. :)

  3. Thanks Phil! I'm hoping to smear paint on it soon!