maandag 11 januari 2016

Blacked out...

Sunday I spent making the extra detailing for the display unit; Sconces for torches, some candles for the niches in the lower corridor, the doors and trapdoor and a set of iron rings to go into a wall somewhere.

Which means that I had everything ready for primer!
The little bits will be sprayed, I just have to wait until the rain lets up long enough.
Because the corridors are mainly made from various forms of foam, I couldn't spray them, so they got handpainted with a PVA/black paint mix, slightly diluted down. Here is the result, still drying as I type:
Now that it's finally all a single colour, it's great to see how all the different materials give a nice variety of textures and surfaces. I'm well pleased so far!

Now just to leave this to dry for a couple of days and then find the time to paint this behemoth...
As an extension of this, I'm also thinking about dungeon terrain again, I've got lots to think about on that subject. If I can, I'll write something up about it.

See you soon!

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  1. Thanks guys! I hope to get paint on it soon. It will certainly be a multi-day painting project... I'm still debating if I dare try some OSL on it, never done that before.