zondag 28 juli 2013

No progress on the hills.

As the title says....
The last few days the weather has been somewhat... wet.  Which meant no painting on the hills.
You see, painting hills (at least the way I do it) I anticipate to be rather messy.
As I want to keep the living room, kitchen and sewing/games room clean of paint-splattered walls, that means painting outside.
Not something I want to do in the rain, especially not during a summer storm!

So, I had a nice sit inside today with my paints. Which resulted in this miniature getting finished:
 A while ago I told you about the Dungeoneering/Chivalry/Questing-all-rolled-into-one project I was working on, as a companion to painting the misses' Warhammer Quest?
Well, this is the second hero to get finished for that! (Number one was the female Dwarf Slayer).
And the first of heroes to get/have a retinue.
You see, on the workdesk are 4 archers, 3 spearmen, a Sergeant, herald and squire to follow this violent man around! And now that I have his heraldry figured out (It took me quite a while, and several changes of heart to settle on this colourscheme), they can get painted too.
I just need to finish a few minor conversions on the sergeant and (dismounted version of the) squire.

My plan is to alternate (at random) between painting WHQ miniatures and painting for my own project. The long term plan for my own project is to amass a stable of both Dungeoneering Parties (which are basically small bands of all heroes. My Slayer and a few of her buddies will form one.) and Individual Heroes (Who will get retinues of lesser warriors, like the knight above.). Some groups will most likely blur the line between these two classifications, but we'll see. I mainly plan to assemble groups that I think are interesting rather than stick rigidly to this divide. And ofcourse to collect a menagerie of adversaries, both human and inhuman. :-D

Oh, and Gunbird has successfully lured me back into Samurai... No major disruption, as I'll just add them to my DCQ-a-r-i-1* project as an eastern band of heroes. ;-D I already have a (smallish) pile of them anyway.

*: Dungeoneering/Chivalry/Questing-all-rolled-into-one project... I doubt this acronym will last.

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