zaterdag 20 juli 2013

Hills: an update

I did continue to work on those hills off and on the past couple of days, but I forgot to post progress....

Here's where I got with the hills when I stopped for the day, last night:
All bark glued in place, and the base texture glued on. The base texture is just the sand I usually use for basing miniatures, glued on by first painting the hills with watered PVA that had black paint added to it

I also painted the inside of the cave entrance with this mixture:

You can't properly see it, because of the Warcaster standing in the way.... Sorry about that. ;-)
You can see though, that the PVA and sand didn't cover everything.
That has been remedied by the next step in the process, which I completed today:

 Extra texture!  
I added ground cork and fine grit basing gravel to the cracks, crannies and other areas where smaller stones might accumulate. Additionally, I used some finer powder in patches to give some extra variation in texture on some of the hills. I hope this works out.

The hills are currently drying outside from a "varnish" layer of glue I sprayed on to fix the smaller rocks and pebbles in place before I can primer them.
Now to figure out how to go about painting them....

See you next time!

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