maandag 29 juli 2013

Less boring and black now,

these hills have colour!

Had a nice little spare hour and half, without rain, this evening:

I'm rather happy with the way the rocky faces turned out:
Especially the cave:

Ofcourse, creepy caves like this attract a certain type of crowd:
Luckily I have a knight ready and painted to come and pick her up. :-)

The hills and rocks were painted with simple crafts paints and simple large flat crafts brushes (a 2" and 1" wide if I guess correctly).
I still need to paint the creepy trees, maybe add some washes to the rocks for variation. This I'll hopefully do tomorrow.
Once the paint on those is dry, I can proceed and cover the majority of my paintjob back up again with flock.* :-D
These hills are meant to fit onto a verdant green wargames table after all...

*: Speaking of which, does anyone know of a way to get a nice, thick covering of static grass that actually stands up?

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