maandag 18 december 2017

Hive, Sweet Hive, part 7, Introducing the Slag Barons

Hi folks,

Over the past weekends I've been experimenting with the Airbrush a bit (nothing picture-worthy) and I've assembled and cleaned all the doors, barricades and various doodads from the new Necromunda box (Basically anything that isn't a Goliath or Escher miniature) with the intention of making some headway with them over the winter.

Today I've also started on the Goliaths. Initially because I wanted to get a feel for the new kits and build some minis. The Goliaths seemed a good start because I didn't care overly much about them.
Boy, has building them made me change my mind! The kit is great, lots of character. I'm liking the Goliaths more and more.
I wonder if I will have the same response to the Escher once I start building them? (With the great exception that I already like the Escher a lot, as the old Escher have been my most beloved sculpts of the Old Necromunda.)
Anyway, enough pre-amble, let me introduce the Slag Barons (warning, less-than serious/PC naming conventions ahead!):
Maximus Beefcake, the leader of the Slag Barons, this is in an relatively early stage of WIP.
He is based on the AoS Slaughterpriest that was a WD freebie, with a chestplate from a Khorne Blood-something, Goliath powerhammer, combi-pistol and head. The head has the largest Escher mohawk carefully shaved down and spliced into the Goliath noggin. I was originally planning to call him something along the lines of Lugos Ironbreaker or Facemauler, but while working on him, his insane size prompted me to jokingly call him " Maximus Beefcake" and that sort of stuck...

The core of the gang, from left to right "Shredder" Jonns, Boss Maximus Beefcake (now complete, save drilling of the gunbarrels) and Rogi " The Riveter".

The last figure I built tonight, still undecided on what weapons to give him (leaning towards Grenade launcher, brute cleaver/axe and maybe a stimm slug stash), all I know for certain is that they call him..." The Gimp":

I'm looking forwards to building more roided-up nutjobs soon...

See you next time!

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