dinsdag 12 september 2017

Hive, sweet Hive, part 4, getting somewhere

Here's last weekends progress:

 Top platform/roadway built.

 Platforms and bridge added to the side, as well as extra detail. Sadly no real room for a full shanty house, I'll have to save that for a next terrain piece. Perhaps even make that the central theme of it...

Walkway testing, the magnets give a real strong grip and a positive connect when placing. No fear of these getting nudged and falling.

 Sturdy and stable, just the way I like it. The greatest risk will be minis sliding due to the (relatively) high angles I can connect these at.

 I even get a strong connection on the metal bottles of a Pringles can. This looks precarious, but is actually a quite stabile connection!

 The details on the other side of the Hiveway.

 The set of railings and "battlements" I built. Some of these are made from building scraps from the scenery pieces I've built. Realism, recycling and cleanup in one go! These are all magnetized to connect to the steel tape that also anchors the walkways.

 Like this. Now this setup may just be a bit excessive... ;-P

Primed the lot, hopefully paint can happen in the coming weekends. Looking forward to experimenting with the airbrush and (maybe) some weathering techniques.

See you next time!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Quite good! The main arch way gives a sort of destroyed freeway overpass feel, which is great for a downhive bit of terrain. How was it made? Layers of foamcore with plaster?

    And the steel tape seems to have worked a treat.

    1. Thank you! The destroyed freeway vibe was exactly what I was going for with the terrain piece.
      It's made from a core of cut XPS (expanded polystyrene), cut with a hot wire cutter. Wall filler over that (except where it peeled off again, those spots I filled with acrylic texture medium, to be on the safe side).

  2. The terrain looks very promising. Where did you get the plastic grate sheets?

    1. Thanks! The grating is "granny grating" or embroidery grating. You should be able to find it at most crafts and hobby shops.