woensdag 10 februari 2016

Trading Rogues

Recently I got the urge to dig out my stash of Rogue Trader miniatures again.
I only started 40K in second edition (the month the original Tyranid Codex was released to be precise), but Rogue Trader has always held a fascination for me. Something about its narrative, almost RPG approach and the way the setting was still only loosely defined, wild and still fresh, with a simultaneously bleak, anarchic and tongue-in-cheek tone to it, appealed to me. So over the years I've been snagging up the occasional bargain off ebay and fora.

Initially I just planned to do my usual bout of "Gollum"-ing and catalogueing what I had collected, but this time something more happened:
I actually went and prepped some figures for primer.

Now, my collection is far from the biggest, but I should have enough orks and marines to do (once all are painted) a reasonable series of skirmishes in the style of the Rynn's World incidents... I have about enough plastic and metal beakies to do a squad or two, a specialist (half-squad) kill-team and a small command group. I would like to have a few more specialists and support weapons, maybe a vehicle beyond the old Rhino I have.
For Orks I have the complete metal Space Ork Raiders box plus extras, and a few power armoured Orks for higher command. At some point I'm hoping to add a dreadnaught and battlewagon to them. I'm in no hurry, and content to snap up the occasional overlooked bargain.
I won't be painting my marines as Crimson Fists, though. But what they will be, I've still no defined idea. So I've been doing some testers. As I don't have a surplus of beakies to paint and strip over and over, I have to resort to paper planning:
These are just bare colours, naturally I'll want to retro them up with "Kil Kil Kil" markings, checkers and chevrons and old style rank markings. :) 
Now just to figure out what colour scheme I will use. Maybe spend a few more days with the colouring book and see if I hit on a scheme that I really like.
And then to paint it all and find someone crazy enough to delve into Rogue Trader with me...

See you next time!

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  1. What have I done? What manner of foul creature have I unleashed? Just kidding of course, as tonight I bought a old lot of Space Hulk 1st edition Terminators (8 for a fiver, plus spares and some nids, I could not resist!) and added a Necromunda Cawdor warband to my collection, so I have something to put up against you as well. (As much as I like the old beakies, they tend to go for more money then I can afford and I have a bag full of the plastic marines of later editions that server my needs just as well....even though I never managed to complete a single marine in my life. Oh wait, maybe 1. I think. Anyway, tell me more on friday, or bring them over so we can talk shop after a game of Frostgrave :)