zaterdag 12 december 2015

Move, you Maggots!

More Heresy Miniatures this time. His "lovely" range of maggots this time.
Here's the whole happy family:
 The paintjob was fairly easy, just a mix of washes and drybrushes over a fleshtone basecoat, leaving me to focus on choosing the right colours for maximum ickyness. : )
After that it was a matter of painting them all in satin varnish to offset the matness from the drybrushings, giving them the ever so slightest sheen and hitting the hard bits, like teeth and spines, with gloss varnish. A little dab of Tamiya Transparent Red over the bits of gore in one of the Maggotmen's hands and Bob's your mothers brother!
Because they are resin casts and the bottoms of the minis have plenty of contact surface for a secure glue bond, I painted the bases and minis separately and glued them together at the very last.
These will join the 5 giant maggots/grubs I already had, giving me a gross little herd to swamp heroes with!

Here are a few more closeups of the lot:

"Mother", the God-Grub:
(To give an idea of size, she's on a 50mm base.)

"The Keepers", servants of Mother and herders of the giant maggots and grubs:
(These are on 25mm bases)

"The Children", giant maggots and grubs:
(On 20mm round bases)

These nasty gribblies were all so much fun to paint!

See you next time!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Smashing stuff, the keepers are quite vile, if you get my meaning :-)

  2. Great stuff
    I'm soooo wanting my stuff to come from the kickstarter

  3. Thanks guys!

    Joakim, the wait must be agonising. I'm guessing you ordered some of the monsters Andy is still currently sculpting? I got lucky that I only chose the monsters that needed remoulding for resin, so I got my stuff fairly quickly. All I can say is that your mini's will certainly be worth the wait!