zondag 11 januari 2015

A shrine and a short one.

I had the day to myself to do some painting today. As I still had a small roadside shrine to finish from last week's painting session, that came first:

 It's an old OOP GW Sisters of Battle Shrine/Objective marker. The lowest part is about the size of a 20mm square base. On the rear, someone has seen fit to nail a page from a manuscript to it:
GW being GW, it comes equipped with both a skull and a purity seal as standard....

With that out of the way, and most of the day still ahead of me, I grabbed another mini. I wanted to do something on my wife's Warhammer Quest set. After all, despite being the catalyst for me starting on this whole Dungeoneering/Chivalry/Fantasy project, it has languished a bit of late.
Today I had neither the time, nor the desire to start on another batch of monsters, plus, none of the heroes have seen any paint yet...
The Elf was not an option, as it had incurred some damage during storage I still need to fix. I didn't feel like painting lots of skin, so the Barbarian was out. Of the two left, the Dwarf caught my eye the most.
So, here he is, the shortest of the heroes in the WHQ box:

I kept close to the colours depicted in the Warhammer Quest artwork for the Dwarf, only deviating on the gloves. Instead of bright yellow, I opted to paint them in a buff leather colour. I figured the Dwarf would want his gloves sturdy, with good grip, but not too precious to discard if they became soiled or damaged.
As usual, I kept to my more subdued, realistic colours rather than 90's GW brightness, but still keeping to the spirit of the miniature and the game. I think I've managed to strike a happy medium.
And my wife is happy with him, which is the most important, I think. :D

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