zondag 8 juni 2014

Going green (again)

A few weeks ago, a small trickle or rumours started about the Orks getting an update. Where the release of 7th edition 40K left me absolutely cold, these few rumours were enough to get me looking at my 40K stuff again. (Apparently spores are thicker than water...)

When I pulled out my Ork stockpile to see what I had again, for some reason the second hand Stompa jumped out at me, so it's now on my workbench getting a thorough once-over. It needed a fair bit of work, as it was assembled less than expertly, and moldlines didn't seem to bother the previous owner. I've fixed all the major problems, but I've still got a while to go before I get to the painting stage. Plus I'm waiting on replacement Grot crew, as they were all missing when I got the Stompa.

So, to get my Ork on until that beast is ready for paint, I looked to my Work In Progress drawer. (I actually have a WIP-file cabinet, with separate drawers for various major or long-term projects. That way I can jump right in with some prepped mini's whenever I want to switch gears and still keep things organised. Keeps my desk from drowning in little black figures too!)
In the Ork drawer, I found the second half of my 8-strong Loota mob. They had been WIP ever since they were instrumental in my latest 40K game....back in 5th edition!
High time they got ready for their place in the glass cabinet, I'd say!

Here they are, my latest Orks:
For some reason the pic is rather blue, the background is actually a white sheet of paper...

As usual with my orks, none of them are built in an off-the-rack, follow-the-manual manner. It's just been so long, I can't properly remember what I've converted about them...
Let's see what I can still recall: First, all of them have parts added or swapped in from fantasy or 40K Ork(/c) Boys, either a set of legs, a torso or their head (as the weapons and arms are a fixed assembly). The leftmost one has a Kroot rifle added to his kombi-weapon...sorry, Deffgun. I still take a lot of inspiration from the 1st and 2nd edition Ork background, so in my mind, these are still Kustom Kombi Weapons.... Anyway, on with the memory exercise; the second one from the left has a crank added to his gun, either to clear jams, or make it shoot faster, probably both. The third one has an extra looted lasgun attached to his weapon, and the final one has a scratch built lewis gun style drum mag on his gun and moon-shaped crosshairs. With him I also made a point of having all visible ejection ports throwing out a stream of casings. He likes his dakka...

Which means that, after several years, the mob is re-united at last:
They're currently lounging in the glass cabinet, drawing envious looks from the boys who have just regular sluggas and shootas...

In between work on the Stompa and painting the Lootas I've also finished the scratch building on Kneecappa Da Megagrot, my count-as Attack Squig for my Warboss. I just need to base him before I show him to the world.
But since neither the Stompa nor Kneecappa are ready yet, I'll have to return to the WIP-drawer for the next painting project... 

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  1. They look a tough crew! Great looking Orks.

    1. Thanks!
      Despite whatever else I may think about GW, I still love my Orks.