woensdag 11 juni 2014

Buggy tech...

I said I'd grab something from the WIP drawer while I was still working on the Stompa.
Well, this is it:
Yup, a Kustom Ork Buggy.
I got this model in a semi-finished state from a friend some years ago. It was basically just a detailed chassis and a separate gun in a box of parts. I added the wheels and their suspension/acles, the fuel tank in the back, the crew and magnetized the gun so I could swap it with the rocket launcher.
I really like the hot-rod look to it and intend to emphasize it with whitewall tyres, red hubs and perhaps some nice bright red flames painted onto the front (should be enough to give it a red paint job ruleswise).
I really like it's look and hope I can find some more classic car scale models in the future, so I can add more vehicles like this.

Work on the Stompa progresses slowly. I'm still waiting for the replacement Grot crew to arrive. And I've set myself the task of converting an Eye of Mork for it's head. I'm still collecting ideas and suitable bits for it, but I seem to be close to a final concept.
Kneecappa, the mega-armoured attack grot is done and ready for primer, but refuses to be photographed on account of being small and mainly white plasticard...

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  1. Thanks guys, glad you like it!
    The friend I got the converted car body from does some inspired converting, kitbashing and scratch building (his blog's at http://20mmandthensome.blogspot.nl/ ), so I had a really solid base to build off. (And several ideas to mooch for my own builds...)