zondag 2 maart 2014

The Quick and the Dead

Hi folks!

So, no painting today. Spent my day attaching mini's to bases and cursing at greenstuff...

The cursing was because, frankly, long, scalloped sleeves are a ***** to sculpt. But I got something sculpted that will do the job. At least the Squire is now ready to get primered. Which was the final figure of the Knight's retinue that still needed assembly. Well, excluding his family and dog that is, but they are for another day (month? year?).

Joining the squire and bannerman for the picture are a trio of Dungeoneer Heroes: a grizzled old fighter (Ferrus from Hasslefree), a mysterious Elf (GW's old Mordheim special character Aenur) and an ill-tempered (and somewhat dodgy looking) practitioner of the Dark Arts (another OOP GW mini, the Warlock from Mordheim). Next to them are the Deathknight, wraiths and banshee I mentioned in earlier posts.
I added some extra stones and grit to the wraiths' and banshee's bases, to tie in the cast-on rock that is their attachment point to the base a bit more.
 So, once all glue and putty has dried and hardened, they are ready for primer. As if my stash of primered mini's isn't already more than big enough as it is... 

A note on the Warlock's base; it is just plain flagstone, without fancy engravings, because, just like with Haagen the Barbarian, I will use paint to give it it's character. Where Haagen got bright red blood dripping from his sword, I am planning to give the Warlock a protective circle, hastily drawn in chalk. (you can see the discarded piece of chalk laying on his base already.)

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