dinsdag 25 februari 2014

Covering my bases

Hmm, I'm going to run out of base-related puns if I keep this up...

No big update, just finished the bases for two more heroes:
The left base is for a Fighter character, the old friend of the Barbarian and Dwarf Slayer couple I talked about a few posts ago. The right is for an Elf swordsman (the old GW Aenur Sword of Twilight special character for Mordheim). 
The scripts on the bases actually say something, but it isn't profound or special or anything. I'll leave it to the fantasy-font fanatics to puzzle it out...
I've also got a (again GW Mordheim) warlock that is ready for a base, but I can't decide a design.
I don't just want to re-do another version of the summoning circle of the Necromancer's base, but it needs to be something "wizardy". Then again, the Warlock is a little dodgy-looking, so maybe the visual link with the necromancer could point to the risk of corruption and meddling with dark forces that his calling entails. Hm, food for thought.

Oh, and I primered the skeletons. So once the goblins are done for my misses' Warhammer Quest set, those can get painted.
I really should start giving some serious thought to terrain as well...

Oh, I don't know if I said it earlier, but this renewed enthousiasm for Dungeoneering was inspired by a Kickstarter for a PC game (So much for PC gaming killing of the miniature games, eh?).
Now, I don't usually do this, nor do I intend to make a habit out of it, but I feel I should tell you about this one:

It's side-scrolling dungeoneering game, where the fact that dungeons are unpleasant places, and confronting monsters in the dark will take a psychological toll on even the staunchest of heroes...
Currently, they're about halfway their 30 days, with some nice extras already unlocked, and a few nice ones still to go. (Personally, I'm really hoping they reach the stretch goal that gets us cinematics in the style of the trailers!)
If you enjoy dungeoncrawling, lovecraftian creepiness and a somewhat darker visual style, a la Mignola and don't mind PC gaming, you should really check this one out.

See you next time, don't get eaten by a grue!

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