zondag 23 februari 2014

All your base are belong to us!

But these two belong to me!

The milliput had hardened enough, so I made some bases. Rank and file stuff mostly, but these two I want to show off...
The left one is the base for my Undead mob's Necromancer (the plastic one from GW). I scribed in a portion of a ritual circle. The original model had a pre-textured base with a skeleton on it. This means that one of his feet is higher than the other. I was checking how thick an item I should make to have his foot rest on, when I noticed the raised foot makes him look like he is prancing around the circumference of his magic circle. Tadaa, instant fix! :-D
The right base is for the Undead mob's Lich Lord (again GW plastic). True to GW form, this model also had something inconvenient stuck to his foot... A gravestone this time. As the model is intended for use inside a dungeon, this made no sense. Sadly the thing is a bugbear to remove too. So instead, I decided to theme the base around it, make it look like he was standing on the floor of a funerary crypt... So, I inscribed the base to look like a  old time brass effigy on a tomb, with the piece of grave stuck to his foot working as a headstone to this particular grave.
Should look pretty nice once painted, just a shame the Lich Lord's robes will cover up most of it again...

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