zondag 15 april 2012


This morning I primered those Orcs I showed in last post.

This afternoon I sat down for a nice couple of hours of painting. After touching up the (black) basecoat I closed up my bottle of black acrylic....And failed catastrofically! Somehow, when giving the lid an extra press to make sure it sealed properly,  the paintpot escaped my grasp and went flying, the lid open again!

That bottle was brand new and nearly full. There's only two or three drops left in it now... The rest went on my miniatures, my face, my clothes (soaked right through), my chair, the carpet and the wall nearly a yard away!!!
I just finished cleaning up what I still could (carpet and wall are permanently smeared, the paint dried before I could get it off, luckily it's in my mancave and not the living room) and my clothes are in the washer....
I think I'm done painting for today... :-(

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