maandag 23 april 2012

Painting progresses...

Didn't get to do too much on the Orcs this weekend (several birthday parties to attend... Diablo III open beta.... It's a hard life. ), but this is where they are at now:

The blue is just a basecoat, the yellow needs one more highlight to really "pop".

The paints I used for the skin were:
-Vallejo Olive Grey (888) as a basecoat.
-Vallejo Luftwaffe Green (823) drybrush, followed by GW Baal Red Wash.
-Drybrush again with Luftwaffe green, but more lightly than before.
-Vallejo Russian Uniform WWII (824) drybrush.
-GW Devlan Mud wash
-Drybrush Russ. Uniform WWII again, more lightly than before.
-Painted Highlights: 50/50 Russ. Uniform WWII/Vallejo Green Grey (886)
-Highlight pure Green Grey
-Highlight 50/50 Green Grey and Vallejo Intermediary Green (891)
At this point I felt that the colour was too dark and brownish, so I washed with GW Thraka Green Wash and redid the last highlight.
Tael's excellent skintones were a major inspiration for this recipe.

For Goblins and Snotlings I intend to just "slide" up this colour scale: Omit the darkest colour and highlight up farther.
So the Goblins would start with a Vallejo Luftwaffe Green basecoat and end with a pure Intermediary Green Highlight.
Snotlings would start with the Russian Uniform WWIi as basecoat and and get a final highlight with, I'm thinking, a 50/50 mix of Intermediary Green and some other colour.
I'm considering using a sandy colour for this second colour, as I don't think I have a lighter green than Intermediary....

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