zaterdag 18 maart 2017

I feel like sushi tonight.

Our  DnD Campaign set in mythical Japan has picked up steam again, which has gotten me looking at my medieval Japan references again. At the same time Gunbird started building Japanese houses and a second hand copy of Daisho came along on the LAF. Apparently Samurai are in the air... So why fight it?

Especially as I have a Pappis box full of the belligerent little dudes. :D A couple were already paint in progress and I had a basecoated Torii. As good a point to start (or continue) as any.
Here's the results of a day's painting:

 I tried to get the Torii to look like a simple, weathered, rural one, the design just lent itself to that. No idea where it came from, it was a gift from Gunbird.

And more of a close up of the Samurai themselves:

The mini's are from The Assault Group, Gempei Wars era Samurai.
I've got a few more primered and ready to paint, but those will have to wait for another weekend.
Once my Daish rule set arrives, I'll have a root through my box and assemble a warband/Buntai. I should have some ashigaru as well. And if I have the right mix of weapons and gear, they may even visit Frostgrave?
For now, it's just fun to be doing hobby stuff again and sharing enthusiasm with Gunbird.

See you next time!

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  1. For some reason they are indeed very popular all of the sudden. With both Cool Mini or Not and Warlord getting a samurai game Kickstarted or released.
    I haven't heard of Daisho before, is it any good?
    Beautiful work on these models, some more close-ups would be appreciated 😉. What's their scale?

    1. Yup, it's apparently the season for 'em.
      Daisho is from the same writers as In Her Majesty's Name and In the Emperor's Name. So if you like those, you're likely to like Daisho as well. I quite like IHMN, so Daisho should be good as well (My rulebook will arrive the coming week, if all goes well.)
      The models are 28mm from The Assault Group. I'll see about close-ups next weekend.

  2. I thought it was Grand Manner (but it isn't) , but I gave that to you 5-7 years ago, I know I picked it up at Crisis but that is about it.

    1. There aren't any maker's markings or brands on it, so your quess is as good as mine. Glad to have it finished, though.