zaterdag 21 januari 2017

Clamping down on issues (A progress report)

Painting hasn't been progressing as much as I'd hoped. Part is just general lack of Mojo (a recurring theme on this blog, sadly), part is because Friday before last, my "boss" (Being the temp agency, as I do temp work) surprised me with a re-assignment to another project, starting the next Monday!
So the past week I've been in training for that new project, and I'll be starting actual work this Monday. Speedloading all that information into my brain the past week has fried it a bit. Plus some medical worries concering my father-in-law have cropped up, further dampening enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, there is some progress to report.
Painting on the second tactical squad is (slowly) proceeding:
Basecoat, wash, and the first layering on the yellow segments (except for the rightmost one). Still a long way to go, and there is the second half of the squad yet to come...
I've made a quick list of the squads, characters and vehicles I want to have, at minimum, in my 2nd Ed army for the planned Badab War Campaign. I was suprised to discover that it totalled 45 miniatures, of which 12 are already painted, and a further 10 are either already built or being built at the moment.
Suddenly this plan seems a lot more achievable!
Ofcourse I would like to have a larger variety of squads that this minimal list, and I'd like to have a few more vehicles and characters as well. But my daydreaming and wishlisting over the past few weeks had caused the project to grow very large and unachievable in my mind. If I can keep focussed on building this core first, I'll have a respectable 2nd Ed 40K army, as well as a generous chunk of a more modern one. Hopefully without getting discouraged or distracted along the way. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll clear everything that isn't part of this core list from the hobby table to assist in keeping this focus.
I really want this to succeed, as I really, really want to play this campaign!

And I've commenced battle with the notorious 3rd edition era Landspeeder kit:
I guess you can now tell why I chose the title for this post....
This kit is infamous for it's poor fit, and has since been redone by GW to adress these issues. But I still have this old one to contend with. It's currently drying up, as is my swearing streak! What a bugbear to build.
I've magnetised the underslung gun, and intend to do something similar for the gunner's weapon, so I can switch between the classic 2nd Edition 40K loadout of Heavy Flamer and Multimelta and the more modern/effective Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter. Or even go single weapon, if I need to budget my points.
I'm also swapping the torsos and heads for more modern ones, stolen from the Assault and Tactical squad sprues. Once the basic assembly is done (and gap filling), I will be "Griffonizing" this one; adding details and decorations befitting my Howling Griffons chapter.
Together with the Assault Squad that has arrived recently, I should have a decent mobile element to my force.
And now I'm off to have a nice relaxing read in my 2nd Edition Codex Ultramarines. :D

See you next time!

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  1. I'm in a bit of a painting slump as well, I had totally forgotten how boring painting marines could be and find myself sidetracking far too often. Perhaps I should make a list like you did, just to get a motivation. Currently it's a pile of anonymous plastic marines without a designation.

    Thanks a lot for the warning about the landspeeder, that's something to watch out for once I decide to acquire one.

    Good luck with your new job! Hopefully all your worries will subside soon and your father in law gets better soon, so you can start painting again.
    We really should meet soon to discuss the campaign and get a date to work towards.

    1. I can totally understand, I (re)made the same discovery... The list does hopefully help give a sense of progress when I'm highlighting the exact same shape for the umpteenth time.

      The issues with fit have been fixed with the recent re-release of the landspeeder kit. The hull is now in four parts, eliminating most of the warpage.

      We should meet up, once things settle down a bit again. Maybe even have a game of 2nd ed, to get into the swing of things.

  2. Sounds good 😊. Perhaps somewhere in february?