maandag 23 mei 2016

Big Bird

Not much hobby from me lately, Real Life has been interfering immensely...
Over the last few weeks, in fits and starts, I've been painting a Basilisk for my Chivalry gaming and Dungeoneering stuff:
He's converted from a Otherworld Miniatures Cockatrice with wings from a giant eagle I had laying around somewhere. 
Why do it this way?
Because historically there was a lot of overlap and confusion between Cockatrices and Basilisks, both being rooster and reptile hybrids (they may even originally have been different names for the same mythical creature).
Only very late did the clear divide occur where the Cockatrice was the serpent-rooster and the basilisk turned into a 6- or 8-legged giant lizard. I rather like this ambiguity and confusion.
So I've decided to model the earlier form of Basilisk you see above. Alongside it will go an unconverted Otherworld Miniatures Cockatrice, in a more rooster-like brown black colour. The idea being that on the Basilisk I emphasise the reptilian features more, despite the feathered wings, where on the Cockatrice I emphasise the avian features more, despite the leathery wings. The Basilisk will have it's venomous/life withering attacks, where the Cockatrice will get the petrifying stare. Against a Basilisk you can defend with a weasel, for the Cockatrice you need the roosters crowing or a mirror.
This will mean that I can add more roleplay/story to any games involving either creature: The panicked villagers are raving about an unholy rooster-reptile hybrid monster, but will I be facing a Cockatrice or a Basilisk? Both naturally present their own dangers, means to defend against their special attacks and preferred ways to fight them...

To further muddy the waters, I also have regular Otherworld Miniatures Basilisk (you know, the multilegged lizard type). As this creature will, in my setting, not have any special attacks or supernatural qualities, I will classify it as a Lesser Basilisk, whereas the smaller, rooster-serpent (with it's venomous nature)  will be known as a Greater Basilisk among scholars...

See you next time!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a wonderful piece of work. The conversion and painting are superb!

  2. The miniature looks ace, beatifully well painted.
    Thank you for the background, very interesting and entertaining.

  3. Thanks guys!
    I always do enjoy doing a bit of (light) research on things related to history/mythology. Sometimes it throws up little gems like the intermeshing of Cockatrice and Basilisk in historical texts. It's always fun to feed such things back into the game. :)