vrijdag 27 november 2015

Hop to it!

A while ago, I backed the "Warts and Wings" Kickstarter from Toad King Castings. Today a little packet arrived, containing this:
For some reason, I got the boozy stirge instead of Terence the pipe-smoking toad as stretch goal perk, but seeing how it's effectively a free mini, and the stirge is cute as a button (the misses took an instant liking to him), I don't mind at all.

During the kickstarter the greens of the toads already looked impressive, but having the casts in hand now, I'm just blown away! The sculpting is immaculate, not a tool-mark to be seen and the texture on the toads skin is just wonderful. The casting is absolutely top notch as well, not an air bubble or molding mark to be seen anywhere. A quick rinse (and maybe a slight sanding of the bottoms, if one is picky about perfect flatness) should suffice to get these models ready for paint.
I'm genuinely impressed by the quality of these models.
The only thing I regret about this Kickstarter is that I didn't have the spare cash at the time to add some of the barrels, crates and the mimic to my pledge as well.
Hopefully Toad King Castings will get a webstore set up soon, once the Kickstarter is fulfilled, so I and others can get their hands on (more of) these fine figures.

It looks like my painting queue may be reshuffled even further...
I guess I'll be staring at pictures of toads this weekend. :)

See you next time!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. They are cool, awaiting mine too ;) Good to read they are really impressive in person :)

  2. Hey, you got the toads! Can you bring them over next time, I'm really curious how they look in person (even though you say they look good :) )

  3. Why is it no surprise you went in on that Kickstarter as well, Seb? :D

    Michael, I believe the maker's intention is to use them as the jumping off point for a new range/company, so they should eventually become available again.

    Johan, I'll try and remember. Just looking at colourschemes tonight, they might not be bare resin two weeks from now...

  4. I might have to get some of those, ta for posting :-)