zaterdag 22 augustus 2015

Show me the money!

Well, the first batch of coins (of two, if I recall correctly), has arrived today.
After a bit of struggle with the somewhat "Colombian Export"-style packaging*, this is what greeted me:

Pretty coins, with a nice solid heft and clink to them! Made me a happy camper today, I currently have a set in it's bag laying next to the keyboard, just to shake now and then to hear the jingle and tink. (Yes, I'm that easily amused...)

I'm planning to use these as physical props during roleplaying, but also in, for example, may chivalry and dungeoneering games as a tangible form of "points" for warband building and advancement.
I think, tomorrow I'll go looking on auction sites for cut glass jewels to handle larger denominations of value.

Have a nice weekend!

*: I didn't get a pic of it, I was too eager to get to my prize, but when the next pack arrives I'll hopefully remember to do so, it was quite funny (to me) to open up the envelope and inside the pouch find a tightly taped up package, that looked like the sort you see in movies and tv reports about drug busts...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. They look great Modhail, very nicely detailed and made. I can see that they would be a good way of instantly handing out experience when players have role played well- really like them :-)

  2. Hell I would also love to have a bag of loot, I mean coins. Good idea.

  3. Looking great Erik. PS Pulp Alley arrived, shall I bring it with me at our first friday evening gettogether in say, 6 years or so? :)

  4. Please do! I'd like to have a gander.