donderdag 1 mei 2014

Squire, bring me my sword!

Finally, my knight can shout such things. You see, I finished the squire today.
Like the knight, he has both a mounted and dismounted model, for maximum flexibility.
Here is the bold young man:

And the other side of him:
As I don't have a metal squire on foot, I had to use a regular plastic archer. I've sculpted a longer, scalloped hem to his houppelande, as well as wide sleeves, also scalloped. This way his garments match the metal mounted figure.

Painting wise, he is a bit of a break with the rest of the retinue, who are all dressed in the knight's livery. The squire is essentially his own man, although subservient to the knight for education and training. His clothes reflect this fact. As his status within the household is above that of the regular retainers, his clothes are of a more dashing and flamboyant cut and colour. He does, however, wear the knights arms as a badge on his chest to clearly show his allegiance (and whose responsibility he is, should he get in trouble...).

I've got a busy few days ahead, but I think I will put the whole fighting retinue in some nice backdrop/terrain for a few photos when I have the time. Sort of celebrate the completion of my first warrior band. (Now to start planning the next group... :-D)

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