zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Ack! Didn't make it!

My original plan was to get both regular ESWAT Guges done this week.
Sadly, I only got one finished.
The white (aka: the main colour) gave me so much grief, I decided to focus on just one Landmate instead of  painting both side by side. That way I'd only need to strip one if things really went wrong.
It cost me two painting days, but it didn't go wrong, I managed to get the white to an acceptable level (only to have the camera obliterate most of the highlighting and shading, naturally):
Pull over and exit the Landmate! NOW!!
As with the previous Landmate, the AV-aerials (the "bunny ears") are magnetized. They're fragile parts, and this way they can pop loose and back on again without ill effect. Being able to pose them is a nice little extra... :D
The grenade pack can also be added or removed through the power of magnetism.
Again, as with the previous Guges, the base got some asphalt style decoration.It looks nice, and emphasises that these are, in essence, urban vehicles.

So, the last couple of days' painting brings my fully painted Appleseed family to:
From left to right: Regular Olympus Police ESWAT Guges, Administration Covert Ops Guges, Briareos and Deunan. 

Still left to paint:
A second ESWAT Guges, two OpFor regulars Landmates, one OpFor officer Landmate, and 9 renegade Combat Cyborgs (based on Bubblegum Crisis Boomers, but they are still in their plastic baggies).
I guess I will need appropriate terrain at some point as well...
As for a timeframe when these will get finished: No idea... 
Especially since I'll only only be home in the weekends for at least half a year, and I'll need to cram my entire family life, social life and all various hobbies in those short two days. I'll need some time to recharge as well, so I fear hobby-time will often become a casualty.

See you on the other side of the tunnel!

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