zondag 16 maart 2014

I'm floored!

The flooring on the second half of the corridor is done:
 As you can see, there is a hatch in the floor on the right. That hatch will be open, with rope leading in to it, hung from a ring in one the larger blocks of stone in the right wall. If I do make a second set of diorama backdrops, the top layer of that one will have a square hole in the ceiling, with a rope hanging from it...
I want to try and give each layer a tie-in to the layer below and above it, something that could be explained as a means to get from one layer to the other. The leftmost corridor end has a door in it, which will be repeated in the layer above. I like having a little bit of narrative to my stuff...
Now, these corridor sections aren't finished yet, they still need all their detailing and dirt added, but I will do this for all three layers at once.

Here are the two bottom layers together:

Now it's time to return to the sketchbooks and lock down what I want to do for the top two layers. Then, build some more. :-)

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