woensdag 5 maart 2014


As I came home from a day of sightseeing with the misses (went to see Hieronimus Bosch's paintings. Great stuff!),  I found a  small discreetly wrapped package behind the front door...

My little order from Heresy Miniatures had arrived! What a perfect way to end a nice day out!

So, what did I get from them?
Well, 2 packs of their brilliant Giant Slug, to terrorize and gross out any hero who wants to venture into the dungeons. And two new additions to the roster of heroes: Brother Bude, the Exorcist and Autumn, the Wood Elf sorceress.
And as a bonus, a nice roll of Fizzers was included as well! Together with a little personal note from Andy.

The miniatures I got were, as expected, great: well sculpted and impeccably cast, a few very minor specs of excess metal where the vents were cut onto the mold and I really had to look to see mold lines.
These figures will be an absolute joy to prep and paint!

But what impresses me most is the treatment and appreciation you get as a customer:
Andy Foster, Heresy's owner, replies personally if you order. In my case he even apologized for his late reply... He responded well within 24 hours! Not tardy by a long stretch in my books!
 As his website clearly stated there would be delays and it might take a while to send orders out due to a big project he is working on, I was actually rather surprised he responded that fast. Especially because he wrote the mail to let me know he had shipped my order. Several items in my order were listed as "out of stock" when I made my order, the day before, but that didn't stop Andy's 24 hour order fulfillment. Wow!
It's things like this that bring a big old smile to my face and gets you a spot on my "bloody brilliant companies to deal with"shortlist.

This high standard of service, of genuine attention and care to you, as a customer, is something that exemplifies Heresy miniatures and the other members of the "Forum of Doom Quartet"* and because of that, I can't sing their praises enough. If there is any regret I have when dealing with any of them it's that I simply don't have the amount of money this collective of fine people deserve to have thrown at them...

*: aka Hasslefree Miniatures, Heresy Miniatures, Fenris Games and Black Scorpion.

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