vrijdag 7 maart 2014

Gnawing on bones

I had a bit of time to finish off some paintjobs today. Namely the first batch of skeletons for myself and half of the rats from my wife's Warhammer Quest set:
The rats were a quick and easy paintjob, being just two colours (fur and skin) and bases. That only left details like eyes and teeth. 
Likewise, all I had left to do on the skeletons were the bows and metal bits.
I'm thinking I'll put the next batch of rats on little individual sticks, as it was rather difficult to hold them while painting, they're so tiny!

The skeletons are for my own Dungeoneering collection. I've been thinking about terrain for that project lately, or more specifically, how to go about making said terrain. I can't/won't raise the money to get one of the commercially available sets of dungeon terrain. None of them really have the style and detail I'm looking for. And more importantly, I like building it myself far too much!
Currently I vacillating between building every corridor from scratch, which would be awesome, but a hell of a lot of work, or trying to cast basic components to assemble, which would mean investing in moulding material, as well as either resin or plaster to cast with and learn all the skills to use said materials... Either way, I've got my work cut out for me!
I don't want to postpone the decision for too long though, seeing how I've already got enough mini's painted for a small dungeon skirmish and the only thing holding me back is lack of terrain! (Okay, and still being undecided on what rules to use, there is that too...)

Finally, I'll leave you all with a little rhyme:

Six Spiders, six rats,
Twelve Snotlings and twelve Bats,
Six of the Orcs, six Goblins too,
A three Minotaur wrecking crew, 
Some heroic souls, they number four,
And six samples of a Dungeon Door!
That's the quota I have to meet,
Before Warhammer Quest, it is complete...

Have a nice weekend!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Loving this project! Many thanks for the post on the Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter project - it's not every day you find something that ticks pretty much every box in your "stuff that inspires me" list :) I did have a fantasy skirmish project on the go (using Songs of Blades and Heroes/Skulldred/Battlesworn) and one of the warbands was Dungeoneering-themed - now I have a Darkest Dungeon RPG project on the go! My stuff is over on Instagram, if you use that at all - http://instagram.com/deserter86/

    Thanks for the blog too, it's very inspiring! The bases look great :)

  2. Thanks guys!
    Yeah, Darkest Dungeons ticks a lot of my boxes as well. I hope they make another stretch goal or two (preferably two! I want me those cinematics...) in the last two days now.

    Never really looked at instagram, just took a peek at yours, you've got some nice stuff in there.