zaterdag 21 maart 2020

Catching up

With the social distancing in effect, I've done some more hobbying that usual in the past weeks...

The start of the medieval farmstead that I built ages ago has finally had it's date with the airbrush and paintbrush, just basing/flocking remains to be done:

I've also been assembling a core force of  Space Wolves, which required some greenstuffing:

In the meanwhile, in the background I was printing stuff. Unfortunately I suffered a major clog in the print head.This forced me to fully disassemble and clean the hot end, as well as replace the bowden tubing... After several days (over several weeks) of tweaking, I have it running reliably again.

But the major endeavour of this month has been two buildings for my Cyberpunk terrain project. They still have some small touches to do (matt varnish, windows and the till on the store interior still needs to be painted), but for the moment, they're finished enough. Both have accessible interiors and locations where signage can be magnetically attached.

The front door is reversible, with a regular door and a quarantine door. :)

 The 3-story building is 3D printed, with some scratch-built additions, the shop is from large scale train terrain. Graffiti and tags are decals (home printed), posters and signs are printed paper, while the magnetized signage is all 3d-printed.

As I was airbrushing a lot anyway, I decided to paint up this little thing as well:

I've also started up a new set of meads. The theme for this batch is "pear". 
Centre is a pear melomel, made by adding chopped pears to the mead recipe, the rightmost is a pear-cyser, made by substituting the water in the mead recipe with pear juice. The leftmost is just whatever pear juice, pear bits and honey I had left over from the other two batches. ;)
(They're in buckets because I tend to have a fairly energetic fermentation the first few days, and I like to contain the spillage.)

See you next time!

maandag 2 maart 2020

Mean streets, mean people

Sooo, some time has passed. But I've been doing stuff, honest!
Though less as I had hoped to do, and with less focus, due to some long running problems and family issues taking a toll on my mental health. I haven't had much time to fully unwind and really deep-dive into hobby projects. But I'm forcing myself to keep scratching at the surface, as the hobby helps me deal with the stress of the recent parade of BS. As a result, I've also been putting off this post, and my prose may seem a bit more terse than usual.

I've painted two crews for Reality's Edge.

First up is the corporate-backed shadow ops crew (sorry for the fuzzyness of some pics... Wasn't paying 100% attention, due to the above reasons) :

And here they are with their Corporate Backer (A VR telepresence that aides and guides each crew in Reality's Edge, sort of the player avatar on the table).
The Shadowbacker is 3D printed, the crew is all from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Crew two, the classic Cyberpunk trope of the scappy street scum that fights to stick it to "the Man":

This crew is mostly Hasslefree Miniaturs, except for the leader, that miniature is "Raging Annie" from Bad Squiddo Games. This group is still without a Shadowbacker.~: My printer has been acting up, and seems to really dislike PETG, so I need to tune and tweak the machine all over again, and start looking for a transparent PLA.

The terrain backdrop is, as often lately, slightly modified terrain from Multiverse Gaming Terrain with extra bits added.

Currently on the painting desk is the medieval farm I showed ages ago, and on the airbrush station is are two cyberpunk buildings, but seeing how my focus is lately, I can't guarantee which, if either of those, will be the next to get finished...

See you next time!

zondag 26 januari 2020

Hello again, remember me?

Well, time to (try and) breathe some life back into this blog...
I've been doing some hobby stuff the past few weeks, but due to a concussion, wasn't able to sit at a PC long enough to post about it. I'm feeling better now, which makes it time to catch up a bit.
As this is going to be a longer, picture-filled post, you can see it all after the break.

zaterdag 28 december 2019

End of year update

Hobby time has been scarce recently (busy time at work, but I won't deny the Witcher on Netflix is also partly to blame)... Luckily some things can progress without me actively working on them. Thanks to the glory that is my private little manufactorum, aka the 3D printer. :D

I've been printing a batch of parts for building and detailing Necromunda terrain, in preparation for the return of hobby hours once the busy period at work is past.
But more importantly, I've been printing this beast:

And with Brother Forscale on his head, to show the size of this beast:
I'm just waiting on the arrival of some materials I need to smooth out the print lines, and then I can move forward to assembling and painting this Warhound Titan.  I'm also awaiting some files for other weapons to be fine-tuned and then I'll print those as well.
If the smoothing of the print lines and subsequent painting goes well, this may not be the last one...
I'm currently deciding on  a colour scheme, at the moment I'm leaning towards doing an emerald green colourscheme, and painting my Knights to match. Another option would be Legio Astorum, as they have fought alongside the Howling Griffons, but it's a fairly common colour scheme (with reason though, it looks good).  "Luckily" I have plenty of time to decide, as I still have a lot of cleanup and assembly to do.

Finally, I bought the White Dwarf Mechanicus model, spurring me to spend this afternoon building him and a few of his Mechanicus buddies. Hopefully I can prime and start painting them tomorrow.

See you all next year!

maandag 11 november 2019

Aaaand, done!

Hello again my dear readers,

Today I want to share the completion of the terrain and markers for the Necromunda: Underhive boxed set. Took me a bit, but I finally got there. (Just in time for GW to drop the next set, it turns out.... 😆) Here's the complete set:
(In the background you can see some Multiverse Gaming Terrain walls, as well as some 3D printed Zone Mortalis ones.)

And with a few extras finished in the same style:
(For those interested, the floor tiles are MDF from Multiverse Gaming Terrain, part of their Vault Builder Megaton set.)

Some close-ups of the walls and barricades (junky workdesk pic, viewer beware! ;)  )

Recently I've become enthusiastic about building Necromunda terrain again. Unfortunately, we're coming up on the busiest time of year at work, so I won't actually be able to do anything with the current mojo. Hopefully it will last until after the holiday season.

See you all next time!

maandag 21 oktober 2019

The future is 3D...

Hmmm, I've gone quiet for a bit again, haven't I?
Stuff happened (family stuff, a case of the flu, just general real-life nuisances).
But a little over a week ago, I received my newest toy/tool: An Ender 5 3d printer.
I've been debating if/how badly I need/want one for the past year or so.
In the end it came down to the realisation that I don't have the swathes of time and energy my younger me used to have.  And that to actually have a chance of finishing some of the more, ahem, megalomaniacal projects I started in the past, I need to work more efficiently. Handcrafting a repetetive item "x" times for a scenery project may have been fine in the past. But now I can design/download it once, and print several of them, while I get a good night's sleep at the same time. :)
As I had the past week off, I took some time to get to know the machine and calibrate it.
I'm already through half a kilo spool of filament, and the other half is going fast as wel...
 Here's some of the stuff I printed:

The first two prints, after the little cartoon piggy provided by the manufacturor:

I also printed some upgrade bits for the printer itself:  A bracket to take strain of a cable that is known to be damage prone. And a set of supports for the semi-freefloating print bed, to reduce layer lines a bit more.

After using most of the white PLA provided by the manufacturor of the printer, I switched to the dark grey PLA I bought.  And print quality immediately went up.
Even more when I got some tweaking in:
 The base on this thing is 40mm in diameter, to give a sense of scale...

Ofcourse I had to see how certain items looked painted:
A Sister of Battle ( a somewhat rough print, being done in low-grade PLA and before any calibrating) in 54mm aka Inquisitor scale:

And to celebrate upcoming Halloween (as well as try a larger print) I printed Cthulhu:

Oh, and this is what half a kilo of plastic filament got me:
Some wall pieces for Necromunda/zone Mortalis. Detail bits for my Space Hulk/Multiverse gaming terrain projects. A set of terminals for Cyberpunk gaming, a set of (too large) BFG escorts, a set of 25mm diameter bases/battery holders,  a Necromunda token, a dead Fallout person and an icon of an ancient evil.... Not bad. Missing from this overview is a couple of calibration prints, a handfull of support structures, and one of the printer's bed support arms.

Oh, and as I have a spool of translucent PETG as well, I had to give this a try:
 A virtual entity for use in cyberpunk skirmish games. It's a translucent print glued atop a 25mm diameter base/battery-and-led-holder.

See you next time!

zondag 15 september 2019

Ranging ahead

An unexpected step forward for my Blackstone Fortress set.
Didn't feel like tackling a new warband for Kill Team or Reality's Edge, so I looked over my stash of WIP paintjobs and found this pointy eared lady staring daggers at me. So, she has found herself on my painting table...

The Eldar Ranger from Blackstone Fortress:

Next weekend I may possibly have some more time on my hands, not sure what I'll be doing then.

See you next time!