vrijdag 4 april 2014


Well, I'm a man, and I made this cave, so it must be a man-cave, no?

We've had a couple of days of good weather here. I spent the first few treating myself to some nice solitary bike rides and walks through the newly-awakening woods in the area.
The last day of good weather (seems that way looking out of the window now), yesterday, I resumed work on the Dungeon Display of my wife's Warhammer Quest miniatures. This was something I needed to do outside, as I would be slapping filler all over the place...

Here are the results:

Before the filler went on, I made the cave entrance, and some nice irregular bevels and ridges as a sub-surface for the filler. In hindsight I should have cut the cave entrance a bit larger, as it's a rather tiny hole now. I forgot to account for the thickness of the filler...
As I didn't want the filler layer to be too neat, I just slapped it on randomly at first and then smeared it out with whatever throwaway item or finger that was closest at hand. The outside of the cave was done with the same tree bark I also used for my hills.
It should be nearly set now so I can scribe a "hidden" door into the plaster near the cave's far end later today.
Oh, and scrape away all the spill-over from the backdrop...

To bide my time until I could do the above, I dug out my Space Marines (an army that grew out of my collection of Terminators for the Space Hulk project) and had a sift through them. I have a second tactical squad (from the old AoBR starter set) nearly ready for primer. I just need to make some more of my greenstuff detail stamps to pretty them up and base them.
Typical really, I started with needing Terminators for Space Hulk, but I seem to be making the most progress on the regular power armoured figures. ( Progress is relative though, seeing as how it is only a single Terminator and a tactical squad that are actually finished!)
No pics, as I don't think a line up of bare plastic, snap-fit starterbox marines are all that exciting.

Oh, and I painted up the first batch of bats for my lady's Warhammer Quest set.
I had to pack up my painting stuff almost as soon as the last brushstrokes were dry, so you'll get a pic of them in the glass cabinet instead of my usual "messy workbench"-chique. ;-)
Without Flash:
And with flash:
As is typical of photos taken under artificial light, the truth is somewhere in the middle of these two pics, as far as colours go. So, only 6 snotlings, a Minotaur and a half and two heroes to go, and I'm halfway done! (God, there are a lot of figures in this box!!!)

See you all next time!

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