zondag 27 april 2014

So, what else have I been painting the last week and a half?

Well, there's these lovely fellas:
Giant Slugs* from Heresy Miniatures.
*: The majority of them actually look more like grubs or maggots, but who cares, they're nasty-looking and that's what counts!

I also finished the spearmen for my knight's retinue:
This group is a bit more mixed than the archers, who are all more or less of equal standing.
Among these spearmen is the knight's Sergeant, who is in overall charge of the knight's armed retainers, regardless of their armament. This is the veteran who, in his lord's keep, sets watch rosters, oversees drills and exercises, manages the day to day running and supplies of the garrison, etc. In battle he commands the retainers, so his lord can concentrate on his combat knowing that his men will be where he needs them, when he needs them. He is the man in maille with the pigfaced bascinet and the fancy shaped shield who is enthusiastically waving his sword in the air...
In this group is also the spearman selected to bear his lord's personal banner. It's an honoured, if hazardous, duty...
Here is a better view of the banner:

So, this is where my recent painting leaves the knight and his retinue:

So, where next?
Currently on the painting table is the knight's squire (like the knight I have both a mounted and foot model for him). And once he is done, I still have the knight's wife, children and faithful hound to paint.
Of course there is still the rest of the Warhammer Quest boxed set to finish, several other heroes to paint, my own stable of monsters to paint (and collect more of)...
And let's not forget I've still that diorama display to finish, and dungeon terrain for gaming to consider.
Thankfully I've got several other projects to switch to, whenever this one seems to be getting too much for me... ;-P

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Fabulous work all round, but I am strangely taken by the slugs!

  2. They do incite a certain unhealthy fascination, don't they? My only regret about them is that I didn't get more...