woensdag 12 februari 2014

Taking selfies...

Self bows that is!

The archers that will accompany my brave Knight are done:
Once again, hackjob painting table photography....
Good fun to paint, though I got a bit hasty with their hosen at the end. But then again, they're only mooks, they can't expect to get the same star treatment the shining hero leading the retinue got.
These are old late-90's GW Bretonnian figures, to which I've added nylon thread bowstrings (attached with superglue and plentiful cursing!) and styrene nocked arrows on the two aiming figures.
I really wish the Perry twins would sculpt and release some more figures to match this style and era. Their Agincourt range is close, but just a few decades later.

To complete the Knight-with-no-name(-yet)'s retinue, I still have 5 spearmen (including a bannerman) and a squire to paint. That will have to wait for the time being as the bannerman is only holding a long stick at the moment, and the squire needs greenstuff shenanigans to make the foot version match the mounted more closely.

But more importantly, this means there will be two single figures on the painting roster next! I'm already looking forward to it. It's just nice to be able to mess around with paints and odd mixes without having to worry about consistency or repeatability. Just go with the flow.

One place has already been claimed by a tough looking dwarf in greatcoat carrying a repeater rifle. (Yes, a figure for use in IKRPG. I'll tell you more about him once I start painting him.) No pics yet as figure in nothing but black primer is no fun to see (or photograph).

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