woensdag 26 februari 2014

"Say the right words, and we'll take the baby to the castle"...

or in other words: Goblins!

The first batch of my wife's Warhammer Quest goblins is done:

So, this means I'm now only 6 rats, 6 bats, 6 snotlings, and a minotaur away from....

...the halfway point. For just the monsters... :-/

GW certainly packed that WHQ box to the brim!

With these done, I've made a start on the skeletons for my own dungeoneering collection. I've got 5 undead archers with their bones painted. They just need to have their bows and random bits and bobs taken care of and they're done. That'll have to wait until the next painting session, though. The light is going and I need to clear the table.

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