woensdag 19 februari 2014

A Costume for my son.

In the part of the world/country where I live, it is just a little under two weeks until Carnival*.
Since my wife sews with some skill, and I have my modelling and wargaming skills, my son is utterly convinced anything is achievable costume-wise...
 This year he initially wanted to go dressed as a Space Marine. In the interest of my mental health, our household budget and his comfort during the day (hardshell costumes suck!) I managed to convince him this wouldn't be feasible.
So he decided to be a character from his favorite video game instead...
...with all the props.

The moment my wife heard his choice she firmly declared: YOU are going to do all the other stuff, I'm only doing the clothing!

So there I was...
Anyway, here is the main prop, as it stands now:
 Can you guess who my son will be dressed as?
Some more clues: His more popular brother is a plumber. They both love spaghetti and facial hair.

See you again when this contraption is done!

*: Carnival around here is a big costumed festival with parades, parties, for the adults lots of booze and idiocy, and lots of loud music of generally abysmal taste and quality made just for the event. It was traditionally a big party before the start of fasting and abstinence until Easter. These days, the majority of the populace, regardless of faith (or lack thereof) unite in celebrating the feast in a big way before totally ignoring everything about the fasting and abstaining...

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