vrijdag 21 februari 2014

In places deep, where dark things sleep,...

...In hollow halls beneath the fells.

But no Hobbit miniatures, oh no! I'm talking about the murderous hobo lifestyle; adventuring and dungeoneering!
But since both mini's I want to show have something to do with the subterranean realms the lyric quoted seemed apt.

So, here is number one, a Rhulic (aka Dwarf) Rifleman for the Iron Kingdoms RPG:
As the miniature is not of a character I am currently playing, he's as yet unnamed. 
He's is a conversion of a Heresy Miniatures Dwarf Miner/Inventor. I remodelled the original shotgun into a Iron Kingdoms style Repeater Rifle and added a greatcoat.
 I started this conversion some years ago, back in Iron Kingdom's D20 days, to represent a friend's Rhulic Ranger. But I couldn't get a decent greatcoat sculpted on. We have since moved on to the IKRPG 2nd edition with all new characters, so he was no longer immediately necessary. I came across him when sorting through my mini's for Iron Kingdoms and decided to give him another go.
I'm quite happy with him now he is finally finished.

And dungeoneering related miniature number 2:
A nice big barbarian warrior from the tribes around the Seas of Sand in the eastern lands.
He is Hasslefree Miniatures' Wolf (b) with a braided mohawk/topknot added in greenstuff. I've painted him with a darker, more bronzed skintone to appear like someone from the Middle East. He's a big brute of a mini, over 35mm tall, excluding his base.

With him finished, it means two companions are finally together again:
The moment I pulled these out of the parcel, I knew they had to go together, they're just such a characterful duo.
Two adventuring companions, having shared many adventures and perils over the years. Despite, or maybe because of, their obvious and significant differences, they only truly seem to be at ease when the other is near. Rumors have it they may even be lovers, but no-one has yet had the courage, or deathwish, to ask...

There is a third member to this little adventuring outfit, a mutual friend who joins them from time to time, but he resides still in his little plastic baggie... A grizzled older warrior, also from Hasslefree.

Oh, and the prop for my son's costume is finished, but still needs final fitting and pictures taken, it will get a post all of its own later this weekend.

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  1. Nice work on them all love the Hayden figure I keep meaning to find a reason to use her in a game so I can buy her. The barbarian is ace and does indeed make a good companion. The Heresy Dwarf looks good as well love his new gun.