maandag 4 september 2017

Hive, sweet Hive, part 2

Work has progressed on building one.
I've adde more detail, in the form of piping and tubing coming out of the side as well as little scrap sheets of metal for repairs and such. Some greenstuff molded bits as well.
I've textured the Pringles tube to look nice and dirty and grungy. I also used patches of the same filler on parts of the floor and wall to get some nice texture variation. The rest was done with good old sand.

As you can see there's a bit of cover on the upper floor in this picture. That isn't permanently mounted... You see, I had a cunning plan and bought some steel tape to put along the edges of platforms. Magnets can grip on to this to mount barriers such as these or help keep bridges in place. This barrier is just a quick, nasty test case to see if things would work.
I'm glad to report they did. :D

I'm all out of primer, so I'll need to pick some up. Not knowing when a new job will start, I'll need to carefully ration my cash, so I can't really say when I can get new primer. Sucks a bit, buy hey, I've got plenty to build still!  I'm just trying to decide what I'll build next at the moment.

See you next time!

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  1. Hey my man! :D Been great to see all the new hobby posts for Necromunda. Suitably jealous. Will we see some famous boarding party raiders try and secure new gear only to have the deal collapse into firefight? :D

    1. We may, we may... ;D Sometimes offloading your scavenged goods can be as dangerous as acquiring then!
      Nice to see your blog pop up on my feed again, love the goblins!