zaterdag 14 april 2012

Solvent based happiness

Ooh, that sounds worrying, doesn't it? Well, I haven't been huffing paint or glue (well, not intentionally)...
I just wanted to report that I've stripped my last batch of Rogue Trader plastic Space Marines. So they are (theoretically) ready for paint! No idea when that will actually happen though.

Three of them need a "double dip", so they're back into the pot, along with a batch of 5th (?) edition plastic Bretonnian Bowmen.
Why the sudden urge to dip bowmen?
Because the flavour of the month is a double feature: Warhammer Quest and Knightly Quests!

Gaming the quests of (fantasy) Chivalry and the old Chansons de Geste, has been something I'd like to do for quite some time now.
I also have a soft spot for old school dungeon crawling.
And then there is the inspiring work of Shas'El Tael (see previous post) and all the other great blogs on Warseer's WHQ section.
Put all that in a blender and that's about what I'm working on for the moment:
-Putting in a concentrated push to finally getting my wife's Warhammer Quest set painted.
-Finding and building miniatures of my own to use in Warhammer Quest and/or a more generic dungeoneering/questing game. (This is where the bowmen come in....)
-Pondering the how and what ruleswise of said dungeoneering/questing game. (Current thoughts run towards butchering the Lord or the Rings skirmish rules, since I'll be basing my stuff on round bases anyway. Problem is, I've never actually played these rules, so I have no idea if they have the "flow" I seek.)

Anyway, enough text, time for piccies. This is what's on the workbench at the moment:
Wife's Orcs
And my very own Chaos Warrior
The base on the Chaos Warrior isn't the definitive one, I'm planning to put all of my stuff on round bases (which I don't have at the moment). Partly to make it more easy to distinguish "his" and "hers", but also so I can use them in the Dungeoneering/Chivalry games.

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