dinsdag 17 april 2012

Phew, saved them...

Well, after the "little" hickup with the paint this weekend, I made a try to salvage the Orcs yesterday. Luckily it was all just black on black, and I washed them off as soon as I could (after my clothes were saved and I did what I could on the floor and wall...), so no detail was drowned under thick globs of paint.

Yesterday I finished the potentially messiest part of the painting, the skin and metals:
Sorry for the fuzzy focues, the digital camera is dead, so I had to rely on my phone.
I'm still trying to get it to focus where I want it to...
I opted for a somewhat darker, more "natural" looking green.. To maintain the Warhammer Quest "vibe", I'll be going bright red, yellow and (maybe) blue on the clothes to compensate.

Oh, and I just noticed from the pic that the bronze/brass could use an extra highlight  as wel...

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