maandag 2 april 2012


Hmmm, not really an active blog, now is it?

Quick recap: The Hellgate London Templar sculpt is back in storage... I've finished a pair of waraji, even got my son to try his hand at making a pair as well. And then hobby funk hit...again.
Apparently it seems that carefully managing my enthusiasm to keep jobhunting  means there's no enthusiasm left for hobby stuff. Did do a fair bit of reading though. (To wit: made a start in some books about digital art, read a book about Japanese religion through history, specifically the interactions/intermingling of shintô and buddhism and tore through the first two books of E.R.B.'s "Mars" aka "Barsoom" series.)

But, I did get something done. Something that was "in progress" for over a decade. (Sad isn't it?)
This weekend I finished the Skaven for my wife's Warhammer Quest set:
The front six were"finished" a decade ago, all I did to them was a few quick touch-ups. The rear five were finished this weekend (I had already done the fur and most of the clothing the last time I worked on these mini's, everything else is "new paint"). All miniatures then got new bases, as the old ones were pretty minimal; bare bases painted grey, ugh...

Yes, you counted right: 6 +5 makes 11, not 12.
Apparently one of the Skaven had scurried off in the intervening decade! Luckily I had a spare figure, who is now in his primered glory, waiting to collect dust get painted. Once he is done, I only have to finish...well... the remaining 79 miniatures in the box.... :-(

Oh and speaking of Warhammer Quest: If you like it, you really have to check out Shas'El Tael's stuff:
A few years back he started this thread on the Advanced Tau Tactica forum which he continued and expanded on Warseer. He also collects the images on his site.
Discovering these threads are what spurred me on to paint WHQ again.

See you next time!

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