zondag 1 januari 2012

A start of sorts, and some introduction/preamble

Why start this blog?

Well, I've got "several" hobby projects that I alternate between, and it's getting hard to keep track of it all.
So far I've posted it all scattered over several forums, but I want to keep it all in one place for ease of reference. (And hopefully also to keep myself on track and maybe actually finish something for a change....)
I've started a blog before for my Space Hulk 3D project. But as I work on that project only rarely, that blog is infrequently updated and dormant the vast majority of the time. Boooring.
This time I intend to put everything I make/do hobby-wise in this one blog, in the hopes of keeping this one more active and to keep myself going.
Who knows, someone might even read it and maybe like what they see?

What have I done in the past (A.k.a. what could you expect to see)?

Most of that can be found in my Photobucket...
A few highlights:

-The Space Hulk project I mentioned earlier:
-The usual 40K stuff (and some =I=Munda stuff). I'm discovering however that the game, as it has become, doesn't hold my enthusiasm that much anymore. The background story is still very enticing, though (hence the =I=Munda)...
-Zombies, always a favorite!

-Crimson Skies, I just love the setting and the planes.
-I have a 20mm WWII (DAK) army lying unassembled and unpainted in storage somewhere...
-I'm also working on and off on some Appleseed miniatures:

Expect the occasional non-wargaming stuff too, like:
-Toys for my son

-Some amateur propmaking
(That skull is not mine by the way, but storebought....)
And lots more....

I tend to regularly switch from one project to another, whatever catches my interest at any given time.
(Unfocussed? I prefer to think of it as spontaneous and diverse. ;-D )

In the next post I will tell a bit more about what I'm working on at this moment.

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