maandag 2 januari 2012

Grrr, Arg....

Finished a quick paint job on a couple of Mantic games zombies today:
Nothing fancy paintwise:
-Basecoat of Vallejo Green Grey, followed by a slightly thinned wash of GW Leviathan Purple.
-Drybrush again in basecoat colour, followed by a second drybrush in 50/50 Vallejo Green Grey and Basic Fleshtone.
-Wash in GW Gryphonne Sepia (again slightly thinned).
-Give another light drybrush in the 50/50 mix, just enough to cover the highest points. (I covered my pallet while the wash dried, to save some on mixing. The wash dries fairly quickly anyway.)
-The loincloths and exposed bone were done with Vallejo Iraqui Sand (You'll see this colour come by a lot of times... I love it, it's so versatile!), washed with Gryphonne Sepia and higlighted with Iraqui Sand and Vallejo Pale Sand.
-Gore was done with 50/50 Tamiya Smoke and Tamiya Transparent Red.
And that's it!
Waiting for the wash to dry was actually the most time consuming part of the painting...
Luckily I had some chores to do to help pass the time. :-/

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