woensdag 11 januari 2012

And BAM! the distraction gremlin strikes again....

In this case, in the shape of Gunbird and this post on his blog...

Well the bait has been taken:

A work in progress Corsair to Brigand (from the Crimson Skies series of games) conversion.

What I have done on it so far:
-Magnetize the prop (so it doesn't get damaged during play/transit)
-Cut the fuselage just in front of the root of the rudder and close the hole with plasticard.
-Use the 2 halves of the (unglued) rudder and the elevators to build the Brigand's underslung tailplane.
-Cut the wings, and glued the stabilizers (made from plasticard) in between.
-Enlarge the engine cowling with laminated plasticard.
-Glued the aft landing wheel hatches on the top of the fuselage to represent the fold-away zeppelin landing gear.

Still to do:
-Build the rear turret
-Add a spinner cone to the prop
-Add the comically oversized guns typical of Crimson Skies
-Decide on a paint scheme and paint him and his brother....

Oh, I forgot to tell you, didn't I. This is actually the second Brigand I'm building. A few years ago I already build one, and a Devastator as well...
You can just see them in the background of this picture:

There are some minor variations between the 2 Brigands (Due to not having the exact same canopy for the turret on hand, for example, and some slight variation in the shape of the mid-wing stabilizers. I don't have the same parts for the prop spinner either.). I'll have to explain these away as minor differences between versions of the plane, or field refits/repairs.

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  1. Erik, what particular type of Corsair (brand and type) did you use? Cause you know I have to build and paint some for Texas as well. I can drop off some of the plugs if you want tomorrow around 7-ish?

    1. The Corsair I used is an F-4 U-1 from Revell (kit # 04112).
      I'm not sure if it's still available though. It was already an old/ancient kit when I bought it a "couple" of years ago...
      I mean, the thing still has raised panel lines!

      But I think any cheap Corsair would do. Preferably one that still does the tail rudder in 2 identical halves. That saves some work on the hanging tail, as you can just use the separate halves for the "baby rudders".

      7-ish is fine, thanks!