woensdag 18 september 2013

The Deacon Reclaimant

Well, the new miniatures cabinet has been filled up. I had hoped to have some extra room for future expansions. But once I added all the miniatures I had roaming the house because they didn't fit in the previous cabinet any more, the new cabinet was full. True, I arranged my mini's for display now, and left a little bit of room for expansion here and there, so I should be able to compact some set ups once new stuff is added.

Speaking of adding new stuff, here's a wee man I worked on today:
He will be part (the nominal leader) of an Ecclessiarchy warband. What I still need to do on him: Greenstuff the various seams from the mini's assembly. Sculpt the stylised sunburst around the skull on his Big Man Hat, so that the combination of skull, filigree and starburst resembles the Ecclesiastical "I". Oh, and he'll need a base too I guess....
He will be unarmed, and utterly useless stat-wise (I'm thinking juve stats in =I=Munda, generally old-man level stats in Inq28, but with hig Sag and Will.) Everything about him just screams self-righteous, pompous and overbearing, but utterly useless in combat. A nice liability for the more combat-oriented members of his retinue to protect. :-)

Background-wise the good Deacon will be a member of the Order of Blessed Reclamation. They're a variation of the Imperial Creed that is focussed on finding, and reclaiming, the various Relics that have been lost or misappropriated over the long Millennia of the Ministorum's existence. Some members are Indiana Jones type figures, specialised in retrieving relics from former (or active!) battlefields, alien-occupied territories and the wild space between and beyond the reach of the Imperium. The good Deacon is not one of them. He specialises in reclaiming Relics from other Imperial organisations or noble families through diplomacy. His favourite tactics is to use his skill at oratory and wide judicial knowledge to bore his target into submission... You see, the Relic in question belongs to the Church, it always has and always will, simply by dint of it's nature and existence, he just has to make the current caretaker see that truth. Usually by talking and talking and talking and.....
In the end, most "caretakers" will eventually gladly give up the prize, if only to shut the Deacon up!

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