maandag 17 juli 2023

This could be the beginning of something great...

 So, last Friday, after half a year of calendar conflicts, we finally had our first session of Traveller after our character creation session in December. And boy did we have fun!

This game was originally intended as a one-off/tryout, but at the end of this session, we all agreed this will become a full blown campaign! Everyone had fun and is hungry for more.

I decided to run a premade adventure as the system is new to me as well, so I'd rather focus on getting familiar with the rules and telling the story, rather than crafting it as well.

We blew through about 90% of the adventure in a single, roughly 4-hour, gaming session.  This is mostly because our group are all old hands at RPGs and all avid consumers of true crime/forensics documentaries. And this was an investigation adventure...
Essentially, wherever the adventure said "if the players do not find/do this, it will be revealed on day "x", they essentially uncovered it on day one. They saved a massive amount of time by not interrogating the crew of the ship involved in a certain incident. Next session will be the final act of this adventure, and then it's on to the next one. (Which is linked to this one, but the players don't know it...yet.) And after that...To infinity and beyond! ūüėĄ

One of the things I've been wanting to do with my Game Mastering is to do more with props, handouts and table dressing. And now that this game will be more than a one-off, it'll be worthwhile investing in fun stuff and immersion enhancements. 

The first project will be character folders for the players... 

See you again next time!

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  1. Character folders is a lot more practical than printing a 1/100 Beowulf!

    1. That's why I'll be printing it in 28mm scale... XD

  2. I have the character folders finished, but I'm not showing them here until my players see them first...